sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2011

It was the 14th of September 2010. I was finally starting to live - the way normal people considered "living" - and gradually getting out of my room. But, at the same time, there was something dangerous going on underneath all that. That night, the destructive undercurrent would destroy the exciting phenomenon that could have become my life.

The undercurrent was a voice coupled with a few random facts taken from Wikipedia: inside my iPod, there lived a seductive creature I had accidentally let in one fatal night, a growling, ugly, erotic creature, that - according to Wikipedia - had written a song called Meat is Murder. Some sentence I had read some time ago led me to open Google and write two words:

morrissey gay

I found a writing. I read it, and something (everything) changed forever. Never again was I interested in Morrissey's sexual orientation.

I was shocked by the fact that I had been a successful pop artist in the 1980's. I didn't remember existing in the eighties or living in the UK, but it was clearly me: an angry, writing, blue-eyed vegetarian with autistic tendencies and no social life.

I did a lot of research, and my findings were more or less disturbing. For example, I found out that I had had an obsession with James Dean. For some reason, I had forgotten about this, so I developed the obsession again - and, now, every glance at the face of James Dean is able to change the course of my day.

It's about the face, not the persona.

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