tiistai 7. elokuuta 2012

Symptoms: mild nausea and spontaneous erections

I absolutely love this beautiful song by Charles Manson.

I have everything that I need for a decadent life. Except friends.

I think I should post some stuff that I've written. I don't really remember writing it, but. It's in Finnish. I hate Finnish. I hate it. I hate everything. Normal people are afraid of me when I strut through the motherfuckin' city.

Sex is the answer, people. Six is the answer, Robert. 1000 - 994 = 6.

Ghosts, just come to me and stop hiding.

As I strut through the city, I look through windows, I look at people that pass me by, and all I can think is: you're making your way to me.

We will win.
We will win.
We will win.

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